Inspired by the Leadership and guidance of the Rebbe - Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and by his direct advise, Chabad Lubavitch of Kensington was founded in 1993, as a JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER. It has mainly targeted its activities to the large concentration of 20,000 Russian immigrants, as well as to the many unaffiliated, American & Israeli Jews residing in close proximity to the center.

Since its inception, Chabad Lubavitch of Kensington has acquired a strong ability and experience to focus on and approach the Russian Jewish mentality and the mentality of unaffiliated Jewish population at large.

Since its opening, the center has succeeded in bringing the joy and warmth of Judaism to people that never knew it existed.

Chabad Lubavitch of Kensington is a non-profit organization [501(c)(3) section of IRS] which currently provides, on a steady basis, a wide array of educational and social programs to over 4,300 Russian-Jewish families and 1,300 American-Jewish families.


Video presentation at our 18 year Gala Dinner in 2011 


Video presentation at our 20 year Gala Dinner in 2013 
Miracle story told @ Chabad of Kensington 20 Year Dinner

Benny Friedman @ Chabad of Kensington Dinner